F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I present the same program for the video preselection as for the final round?



Does the video have to match technical specifiations?

The only specification imposed by the competition organization is that the video of 1 work is filmed without interruption: no cuts inside the piece.

For the rest, it will be to your advantage to present a video of good quality.


Can you tell us what day category A or B or C or D will go through preliminary round ?

It is impossible for us to define the daily schedule before the closure of the registrations. Indeed, this schedule days is based on the number of candidates in each category, which is not limited or predictable.
The "which category what day" programming is published on the website 1 month after the closing of the registrations.



Can we exceed the time limit of 1 or 2 minutes?
No. Out of respect for the jury, and for the good organization of the competition, we ask you to respect the maximum duration per category. This duration normally includes the tuning of the instrument. 



Can I pay the amount of registration and accompaniment via PAYPAL?

Yes it's possible. You must send the amount, in EUR, to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ATTENTION, the sending of money via paypal generates in certain cases a transfer fee, which you must take at your expense (in case of sending from a non-EU country, in case of currency conversion, in case of payment by credit card). So, be sure to increase the sent amount to ensure that the registration amount reaches us in full. (see prices and fees applied by paypal: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees).

If you are not sure about the calculation of your fee, when paying via paypal, participants for cat A & B may consider that 4€ should cover the fees (i.e. total payment of 74€), participants of cat C & D may consider that 5€ should cover the fees (i.e. total payment of 95€).  



How much time am I allowed to rehearse with the accompanist? Is he/she randomly selected, or do I have a choice? On which day do I rehearse?
Piano accompaniment reheasals are organized as follow :
for cat A & B : 40 min rehearsal of the whole program (preliminary and final round)
for cat C & D : 20 min rehearsal for preliminary round, and a longer rehearsal for the finalists (+- 40 min depending on their program). 
You don't have the choice of the pianist, we allocate the programs according to the pieces. When the distribution is done, we communicate the contact details of the pianists to the participants and you can then contact them to inform them of your date of arrival so that they fix an appointment for the rehearsal.


Can I get an invitation for a VISA?

To obtain an invitation for a VISA, please send an email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the dates of your stay in Europe, as well as the Surname, First name, Date of birth, Passport number of people who ask a visa.



When will we know the order of passage of the candidates, and at what time we must be present? 

A draw determines the order in which the candidates will pass: a letter of the alphabet is drawn by a person outside the competition and in the presence of the President of the jury. Candidates whose last name begins with this letter will be the first to play, and then the passage is in alphabetical order.
For the ease of organization of the contest, this draw is made a few days before the competition, and the approximate time of passage is then sent to you by email.

When you arrive you first need to come at the reception desk to announce your presence.
Please note that it is your responsibility to arrive sufficiently in advance of the schedule of your group in case of withdrawal of candidates before you.  



I can not be present at the time assigned to me, can I perform another time/schedule ?
No. We make no exceptions in the order of passage explained above, whether it is within a category or from one day to the next. 



Will there be practice rooms ? 

There are a few warm-up rooms, that are available to the candidates about 30-40 min before their round, but there is no practice room for the violin, we recommand that you work in your hotel rooms or rentals.


Are we obliged to perform the pieces in the order of the program?
No. You can choose the order of performing of the pieces.



Should we play repeatedly the Bach "Partita" ? (category C)

Here is the information of what repeat should be played for each Partita : 

Bach - Partita N.1 (Allemanda) - no repeat
Bach - Partita N.1 (Sarabanda) - only first repeat must be played
Bach - Partita N.2 (Allemanda) - no repeat
Bach - Partita N.2 (Corrente) - with both repeats
Bach - Partita N.2 (Sarabanda) - only first repeat must be played
Bach - Partita N.2 (Giga) - no repeat
Bach - Partita N.3 (Preludio) - not applicable
Bach - Partita N.3 (Loure) - no repeat
Bach - Partita N.3 (Gavotte en rondeau) - with repeat
Bach - Partita N.3 (Giga) - all repeats must be played



When will we know the results of our category?
The jury deliberates as soon as a category has performed, and then announces the results directly. The results are also published on our facebook page.








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