F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I present the same program as for the video preselection ?

For categories A & B, yes, for categories C & D, no.



Does the video have to match technical specifiations?

Each piece from the preselection video must be recorded in a single take and without any editing of the audio or video. Cuts between movements of the same piece are not permitted. Participants who do not respect the rules will be disqualified. The camera must be fixed and placed in front of the musician with clear visibility of the hands and body.



Can I pay the amount of registration and accompaniment via PAYPAL?

Yes, it is possible at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However, Paypal's policy is to charge the person who receives the amount instead of the person who sends it, while we ask that the bank fees are paid by the participants. Therefore, please add anticipate Paypal fees by adding 5€ to the 80€ amount or 8€ to the 120€ amount.


Can I get an invitation for a VISA?

To obtain an invitation for a VISA, please send an email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the dates of your stay in Europe, as well as the Surname, First name, Date of birth, Passport number of people who ask a visa.



Do I have to go to the reception desk on April 11, 2023?
No, it is not mandatory to arrive on April 11, your arrival can be according to your day of performance :

Participants who have not requested piano accompaniment may arrive at the welcome desk on the day of their performance, there is no need to come by before.

Participants who have requested piano accompaniment should plan to be available the day before their performance for a rehearsal with the pianist.



How much time am I allowed to rehearse with the accompanist? Is he/she randomly selected, or do I have a choice? On which day do I rehearse?
Piano accompaniment reheasals are organized by us and communicated in time to you. 
You don't have the choice of the pianist, we allocate the programs according to the pieces. When the distribution is done, we communicate the contact details of the pianists to the participants and you can then contact them to inform them of your date of arrival so that they fix an appointment for the rehearsal.



When will we know the order of passage of the candidates, and at what time we must be present? 

A draw determines the order in which the candidates will pass: a letter of the alphabet is drawn by a person outside the competition and in the presence of the President of the jury. Candidates whose last name begins with this letter will be the first to play, and then the passage is in alphabetical order.
For the ease of organization of the contest, this draw is made a few days before the competition, and the approximate time of passage is then sent to you by email.

When you arrive you first need to come at the reception desk to announce your presence.
Please note that it is your responsibility to arrive sufficiently in advance of the schedule of your group in case of withdrawal of candidates before you.  



I can not be present at the time assigned to me, can I perform another time/schedule ?
No. We make no exceptions in the order of passage explained above, whether it is within a category or from one day to the next. 



Will there be practice rooms ? 

There are a few warm-up rooms, that are available to the candidates about 30-40 min before their round, but there is no practice room for the violin, we recommand that you work in your hotel rooms or rentals.


Are we obliged to perform the pieces in the order of the program?
No. You can choose the order of performing of the pieces.



Should we play repeatedly the Bach "Partita" ? (categories C & D)

Here is the information of what repeat should be played for each Partita : 

Bach - Partita N.1

Allemanda - no repeat

Double - with repeats 

Corrente - no repeat 

Double presto - no repeat 

Sarabanda - only first repeat

Double - only first repeat

Tempo di Borea - no repeat

Double - no repeat

Bach - Partita N.2

Allemanda - no repeat
Corrente - with repeats
Sarabanda - only first repeat
Giga - no repeat

Bach - Partita N.3

Preludio - not applicable

Loure - no repeat

Gavotte en rondeau - no repeat

Menuet I - with repeats

Menuet II - with repeats

Bourrée - with repeat

Giga - with repeats


When will we know the results of our category?
The jury deliberates as soon as a category has performed, and then announces the results directly. The results are also published on our facebook page.








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